Win a scarecrow!

The scarecrow trail has been a part of the Scarecrow Festival since the very beginning, and has always given people the chance to win a prize.

This year there will still be prizes!

This year we’re going to be holding a draw one week after the end of the Virtual Festival, on Sunday 23rd August.

So instead of hunting down and solving clues around the village and writing the answers on a sheet, you’ll be taking a virtual tour of the village and typing in the answers on this site instead.

You can find the grown-up trail here or the children’s trail here.

The winner from each trail will receive a hand-knitted scarecrow, as knitted by our talented volunteers, as their prize.

If you want the full experience, use the interactive version which will take you on a tour of our village, where you can see the scarecrows in situ. Then enter your answers using the form – you can also skip straight to the form, for that matter, which we would advise for those using screen readers.

Choose the right trail for by clicking the images below, and above all: have fun!

If you enjoy our trails, please consider making a small donation to help our village weather the effects of Covid-19.