Mother Mary, one of the Tales from God’s Own Country by Jean Briggs

Mother Mary

Most fowk’ll ‘ave ‘eard abaaht Mary t’mother o’ Jesus… an’ what yon poor lass had t’ put-up wi’ when she wor pregnant… but tha nivver ‘ears owt abaaht her rourin or playin-‘eck on’t way t’ Bethlehem wi t’ ‘usband, Joseph in-tow dussta?

Shattered, after being bounced up-an-daahn on t’ back of a donkey for ‘ours-on-end… she wor badly in need of a wesh… a bitta snap… an’ a bed fo’t neet… nowt fancy… but t’ bed ‘n breakfasts wor all full and there was no room at t’ Inn. Appen Joseph should’ve ‘ad more sense and booked in advance… but… whilst most women wouldda carried-on at their husbands for landing ’em in such a predicament… Mary said nowt… A varry difficult thing for a woman t’ do!

Seeing Mary wor pregnant t’ Innkeeper took pity on ’em an’ offered to let ’em kip in ‘is stable… Weeal… tha can imagine… it worra bit on t’ mucky side wi’ all t’ animals an’ that… but it wor waarm an’ better n’ nowt. Yon Joseph med issen useful an’ titivated place up wi’ fresh hay… an’ t’ inn-keeper an’ ‘is wife fetched ’em some watter an’ summat t’ ayte.

Exactly as prophesied Mary’s bairn wor born in yon stable… ‘course all ť Jewish folk med a reight song-an’-dance abaaht it, especially as it worra little lad. Overjoyed… cos they allus believed that one day a lad ‘d be born who’d be t’ Messiah… t’ Lord’s anointed… a lotta fowk kem t’ gawp… but I’ll bet nobody’d thowt a bairn of such importance ‘d bi born in a muck-oile of a stable!

Mary sat theer all serene… surrounded bi animals… wi t’ bairn sound asleep on a bed of hay in t’ manger. Proud as punch Mary points at ‘im an sez… “Yon little lad ligged theer’ll grow up ter bi t’ Saviour of all t’ world… an’ ‘is name is Jesus”

An’ ony woman who’s just gien birth to a healthy bairn ‘ll know just ow good Mary mussta felt.

So now tha knaws.