Loaves & Fishes, one of the Tales from God’s Own Country by Jean Briggs

Loaves & Fishes

People follered Jesus abaaht all ovver t’ place… Accordin t’ wot’s writ in ť bible… on this particular day ee’d stopped off at a place near Bethsaida… with ‘is disciples in tow… only to finnd t’ spot buzzin wi folk… Most ad walked frae towns an’ villages miles away just to be near Him. T’ disciples were flabbergasted… time wor goin on… an they thowt it wor time they all towk thessens back ‘ooam an’ ‘ad summat ť ayte afore it got dark. But Jesus’d ‘ear none of it. ‘Ee said… Theh’r banna ayte ‘ere wi us.

T’ disciples thow’t Jesus ‘ad gone a bit daft… We’ve ‘ardly getten enough snap forrusens… they cried… ‘ow dussta expect us t’ feed them annall.

Thaa leave that t’ me… Jesus sez… bring me all t’ snap tha’s got an’ tell ’em ť sit thessens daahn on yon grass… an’ try an’ get ’em in rows if tha can, that’ll mek em easier t’ count… Fifties or ‘undreds ‘ll do nicely.

Weeal ť disciples counted five-thousand people… give-or-tek a fidgitin bairn or two.

They placed seven loaves an’ five fishes in baskets an’ took ’em t’ Jesus. Thats yer lot they said… an’ there’s banna bi nowt left for us so it looks like we’ll bi fastin toneet. This time.. they thowt Jesus mightta bitten-off-more-‘n-ee-could-chew.

Weeal Jesus looks at t’ fish… then looks at t’ seven loaves … looks at t’ crowd… then looks up at heaven. Then ‘ee blesses ť snap… breks ť loaves an’ t fishes up a bit. “T’ job’s a good un”…. ee sez…(or words t’ that effect)…Eere… pass it raahnd… an mek sure ivverybody ‘as their fill!

Naah… I’ve no idea wot wor said… but it mussta worked… ‘cos ť entire multitude ‘ad their fill… an’ there wor twelve basketfuls of bits of bread ‘n fish left ovver… an’ they all felt good.

So now tha knaws.