Day 3, Monday 10th August, and today the Buckden Singers are performing a recent piece by John Rutter.

A flower remembered

John Rutter

A flower remembered can never wither;
Forever blooming as bright as day,
Its fragrance lingering like music softly playing,
A gentle voice that’s saying, “I’ll never fade away.”

I hear the echoes of many voices
Sometimes they’re distant, sometimes so clear;
Through all the sounds of life they seem to whisper,
‘Will you remember, will you remember, will you remember?’

The birds fly homeward across my valley
Toward the mountains all white with snow.
The birds are gone now, the mountain snows have melted,
But still I see their beauty, these scenes of long ago

The birds still fly in other valleys.
The mountain snows have turned to streams.
All things must pass, but memories are lasting:
We will remember, we will remember, we will remember.

Rutter published this song in 2014 in memory of the victims of the Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The disaster claimed the lives of nearly 16,000.

It reflects upon the impermanence and fragility of life whilst emphasising the role remembrance plays in keeping love and beauty alive.

Anne Vetch