Grown-Up Scarecrow Trail

Welcome to the Trail. There’s lots to explore!

We’ve tried hard to provide a seamless experience, but as this is our first virtual scarecrow trail it’s possible there’s still the odd bug lurking: if you find one, please report it to us. You can still enter the prize draw, though 🙂

If you’d like to enter our competition to win your very own Kettlewell Scarecrow, you’ll need a pen and paper before you start. There are 9 clues to find.

If you’re viewing this on a mobile, click here to open the Trail in a new tab. But for the best experience, grab a cup of tea, sit down at a PC or Mac, and enjoy it in full! If large numbers of images isn’t for you – people using screen reader technology, for example – it’s also possible to go straight to the adult trail entry form or the child’s trail entry form, where you’ll find the clues in the captions and the alt text accompanying the images and be able to take part that way instead.

The map works just like Google Maps. Drag it around.

Use the and buttons to zoom in or out. If you get lost, just click the home button to get back to Kettlewell.

  • Scarecrow markers and buildings are clickable. Click on one and try it out!
  • You’ll get a popup with some information; if you click on that you’ll see a virtual tour of that location for you to explore.
  • Within a virtual tour, you’ll find scarecrow icons. Click on those and you’ll find lots of scarecrow pictures! We’ll be adding more throughout the week 🙂
  • Alternatively, to follow the trail from the beginning, click on “Start Here” and follow the arrows on the trail marked round the village, which is the route people take every year.
  • Somewhere along the trail are hidden 9 clue scarecrows. Each one is marked prominently. You’ll need to write down the name of the scarecrow to use in the competition (although there’s a reminder on the entry form, in case.)
  • Once you’ve found all 9, or even if you haven’t (there’ll be a reminder), go on to the submission page to be entered in the prize draw.