Donate now!

We hope you’re enjoying our virtual festival, put together over hundreds of hours by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Covid-19 has impacted everyone in the country, and we wanted to do our bit to bring a smile to people’s faces this summer, even if we couldn’t bring you here in person.

Virus or no, the causes we support still desperately need your help:

Kettlewell SchoolKettlewell Village HallKettlewell Church

We also support smaller clubs, groups and other organisations that serve our area. This year, without your generosity, that support may simply not be possible.

We recognise, though, there are other local causes that also need support. Manorlands Hospice and Skipton Food Bank have also been hit hard by the pandemic, for example, so donating to any local charity means your money will be making a valuable contribution to our local area.

If you’re trying to decide how much to give, these are some of the amounts commonly spent by visitors to our physical festival each year. But any amount you can spare will be gratefully received and put to good use – none of your money will be used to pay for this website, which has been built completely in-house!


The cost of a day’s parking at the Scarecrow Festival.

Drinks & Cake for 4

Providing an affordable day out for all is so important to us.

Trail Sheets

A map or a trail sheet is just £1.

Please use the PayPal Donate button below to make a donation. If the button doesn’t work on your device, please try this link instead (click here). If that doesn’t work then please do email us (click here) so we can investigate the problem and send you a link – thanks!