Flowers brighten any room, but it always seems a shame to take them from the plants.

With our funky flowers, you can have a splash of colour all through the year, and keep small hands occupied for a while, too!

While the easiest version of this craft makes use of colourful leftover cupcake cases, you can also get the kids to colour in plain white cake cases to layer, or cut different size circles from tissue or other coloured paper – whatever you have to hand.

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Funky and colourful paper flowers

How to make funky flowers

Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Super easy
Estimated Cost: Cheap

These adorable flowers are easy for children of all ages to make. Whether you gather them as a permanent posy in a jam jar vase, or stick them to a larger collage, they're a colourful addition to the room!


  • Paper Cake Cakes
  • Pipe cleaners or straws
  • Double sided sticky tape or glue
  • Sticky tape


  1. Choose some different sized and patterned paper cake cases. Lots of colourful paper cake cases
  2. Layer them up from largest to smallest, not forgetting to use the glue or double-sided tape to attach them together, until you have several layers of ‘petals’. Layer the cases and put double-sided tape between layers
  3. Stick the pipe cleaner to the back of the flower with sticky tape. Stick the pipe cleaner stalk to the back with sticky tape


You could also use different papers and cut circles or flower shapes to have a similar effect. Make them look extra pretty by sticking on buttons or plastic gems, or colour some shapes. Arrange them in a vase or old jam jar.